Safedeck – Light Weight Working Platform

Welcome to NJS Safedeck, where you can find the finest decking for your construction project! Our knowledgeable team specialise in delivering and fitting safe decking that is of exceptional quality and is sure to make life easier during construction work. We can provide safe decking on a variety of scales, having catered to projects of many different sizes in the past. Thanks to our expertise, you can expect to receive suitable decking for your site.

The First Choice Supplier of Safe Decking

All construction projects are made easier when workers are able to easily traverse the site. To make this possible, many clients invest in safe decking that is specially made to improve safety and convenience on construction sites. We have become the number one local team for such decking thanks to the quality of service we offer to our clients.

Safe Deck for Berkeley Homes, Horsham

Our Safedeck Options

We at NJS Safedeck work in conjunction with G&M Safe Deck to provide clients with a lightweight working platform that exceeds current UK health and safety regulations. The safedeck we offer is of exceptional quality, with features such as chemical damage and UV resistance. Your safedeck will be installed by our skilled team, who will carry out thorough checks to ensure it has been fitted correctly. We offer various Safedeck options such as specialist, lightweight, and many more.

Past Projects

While reading about our safedeck options can be useful, it’s far better to take a look at them for yourself. It is for this reason that we’ve put together a dedicated online gallery that shows off the safedeck we’ve provided for recent projects. The images on this page will give you a better idea of what you can expect when you reach out to our safedeck team. Sussex clients are sure to be impressed by our past efforts.

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