Safe Deck

Safe Deck

In conjunction with G&M Safe Deck we present the latest in a new lightweight working platform which is the newest innovation to the construction industry.

The unique design of the G&M light-weight working platform is the only one on the market that allows a specialist scaffold system to be built through it whilst still in place, therefore reducing costs and increasing productivity.

NJS are committed to providing safe working conditions for their teams and this system provides an exceptionally safe platform for working at height and exceeds the current safety regulations and standards laid down by the UK Health and Safety Executive.

Quick and easy to install the system provides a cost effective solution to working at heights and is also extremely versatile and safe in its’ feature bright orange.

The G&M system uses only four legs which allows easy access to work underneath while still allowing the platform to be loaded. In addition the Safe Deck is made of hard-wearing durable HDPE which is water, rot and UV-resistant, it is also non-tear and resistant to damage by chemicals. The HPDE is made of recycled plastics and all manufactured in the UK which was a major benefit to NJS who are keen to continue the drive to supporting the growth of sustainable construction.

Safe Deck is installed by our specially trained and highly professional erectors to ensure the standard of our work matches the quality of our product and guarantees complete customer satisfaction.

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